Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hey Grinderguy, how do I start composting?

Making the switch from Grinding Service Vendor to Composter takes a little planning.
If you are an onsite grinding contractor or even if you currently have a mulch or soil yard and want to make the switch to full scale composting. What do you do? Most of the Mulch suppliers are quasi-composters. They pile up wood or bark Mulch and let it darken before they sell it. Well, THAT IS COMPOSTING!
So what are some points you should consider:
What are the Site needs? And do you currently have what is necessary?
·         What are you going to Compost? Yard Waste, Sludge, Food Waste
·         Type of Composting- Windrow, Static Pile,  Aerated Systems
·         Permitting- Depends on State
·         Space- Windrow, Piles
·         Water- YW mostly, Sludge and Food Wastes maybe not necessary
·         Leachate Collection
·         Contouring of Property for drainage
·         Additional Feedstocks- Mixing, Cover Material
Use these points and apply them to your current situation and see what you can achieve with what you currently have as a facility.

What additional Equipment needs are necessary?
·         Equipment Utilization is the Key
·         Can you use Subcontractors? Grinding, Screening
·         Do you need more Wheel Loaders? Moving Materials, Turning Screening, Etc.
·         Another Grinder? Or Subcontract
·         Windrow Turner- Number One Question? Do you need one?
·         Screen- Need to sell the product you create
·         Water Truck or Water Pumps- Water and oxygen equal composting
·         Compost Equipment- Temperature Probes, Testing Sieves
Do you have what is needed or do you need to purchase more equipment?

How do you change operationally?
·         Contracts- Need materials to compost and blend
·         Marketing- Have to find the customers
·         Screen Sizes- For screener and grinder
·         More Products- Soils, Potting Mixes
What can you use internally and what volumes do you need to sell?

What are the projected goals?
·         Increase Revenue? Diversify?
·         Exhaust Inventory? Eliminate current inventories?
·         Reduce/Eliminate Competition? If you don’t, someone will

If you have been a subcontractor grinding for others that may be in the business or a similar business, learn from your customers:
·         See what they do and how they do it
·         Note what you like
·         Note what you think is not working
·         Ask for Advice- There are others that have been in your situation

Dave Whitelaw “The Grinder Guy” www.askthegrinderguy.com