Friday, May 1, 2015

Lost and Found

I guess if you are in this business long enough, you will lose, misplace or get a piece of equipment stolen.
If anyone sees a 50 foot long, Green Trommel Screen, that says” Komptech” on the side, please call the Grinderguy!
            These days, moving equipment is as easy as making a post online and getting 2 or 3 freight offers within minutes. While that is certainly easy to do and cost effective, you never really know what, who or how your equipment is getting from point A to point B, or if it is? Thus, see my previous paragraph!
            Now obviously this is not the norm, but you better be prepared no matter what the case may be.
            With us having wearable technology today, tracking equipment is easy to do. It just costs a little money.
Equipment manufacturers are installing or at least offering, equipment tracking and usage technology on most anything. Cat® and Komatsu® among others are offering equipment tracking software that not only shows you where your machine is located, but can also tell you:
·         Fuel Usage
·         How long it has run that particular day
·         How much idle time per day
And a whole host of additional information to assist you in determining if you are utilizing equipment as well as you can and which jobs are more effectively utilizing each piece of equipment. This technology can be put on just about any piece of equipment.
Imagine if you can look at a report that tells you your wheel loader is at 95% usage but the grinder it is feeding material into is at 50%. Pretty easy to figure out you need another wheel loader. If you see this report on day one of a two week job, you can save yourself and make yourself a lot more money. It is worth looking into the costs, that’s for sure.
            Everyone has heard the name Lojack®. From cars to computers, they track down your missing gear. They also install their system on Construction Equipment.
If you are interested in installing these types of tracking equipment on your machinery, here are a few things to ask?
·         How much? Cost will be the determining factor of how many units are purchased
·         Size- How large are the units and are they able to be inconspicuous. Also, are they rugged enough for Heavy Equipment?
·         How long does it take to install?
·         Are you able to move the unit from one machine to another?
·         Does the system use cellular or Satellite?
·         Is live tracking via the web available?
·         Does the unit maintain power even when battery disconnect is off? Is there a battery backup?
While it does cost some money, being able to keep tabs on your equipment gives piece of mind and should get you an insurance discount. Coupling the location services with equipment utilization software will benefit your operations and keep your equipment from getting away.

Questions? Dave Whitelaw