Sunday, March 1, 2015

Safety Training

I was at the US Composting Council Conference Jan 20-23, 2015 in Austin, Texas. The Demo day included most all grinder, screener and windrow turner manufactures demonstrating their equipment. If you missed it and want to see all the new equipment and new features, mark your calendar for next January in Jacksonville, FL.
While I was at the show I met John Janes of Caterpillar. He is the Association Manager for Building Construction Products. While discussing operator training, he showed me a few links to the Caterpillar website for operating tips, maintenance and safety. While I'm sure other Equipment Manufacturers may have these also, I just happened to be speaking with the Cat Representative who was exhibiting at the trade show.
By going to the website, there is a tab for "Media and Literature". Here you will find:
- Videos
- Multimedia
- Literature
There are videos on maintenance items, safety and many more. There are also tips on operating all types of equipment. The multimedia has virtual walk around inspections and more.
The Literature tab has some of the best information available:
- There are walk around inspection reports for most any piece of equipment. These walk around or pre-work inspection reports should be mandatory for all your operators and drivers. Being able to know what safety problems may be occurring, how much oil an engine is using and much more is the only way you can keep tabs on many pieces of equipment without checking them yourself. If you are not using them currently, find one that works for you and get your employees using them.
- ToolBox Talks discuss maintenance and safety items. Looking for some new material for your monthly safety meeting? You can find it here.
- Safety checklists for many pieces of equipment and safety tips if you find yourself in an different environment.

You don't have to spend a full day watching videos and downloading documents but take the time to cherry pick the videos, tips and checklists that will help you run your business. Have more questions about these? Contact John Janes @

Questions? Dave Whitelaw