Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hey GrinderGuy, should I attend all these Trade Shows and Conferences?

I ask myself the same question about 10 times a year. It is painful spending the time away from your business. But how do you know what else is out there that may help your business grow? Everything you want and more is available at these Trade Shows.
Are you interested in a vacation or an education? Either way, make your time worthwhile.
First, figure out what you want to accomplish while attending these Conferences:
·         Are you looking for new business?
·         Are you looking for new equipment?
·         Are you looking for a better way?
Decide which Conferences are the best fit for your needs:
·         Most of the major trade shows are held in vacation destinations. If you are looking for a break and just want to see what is new in equipment and support industries, this is the way to go. You can see the newest machinery upgrades and new models all while taking time to smell the roses and take a break.
·         If you are looking for an education, most of the National Industry Organizations are the best for learning best practices, legal aspects and new improvements in sales and operations. Most of these Conferences are organized into tracts that can help you maximize your time to attend and a lot of the speakers are hands on in these Industries. For keeping up with all the Governmental regulations, these types of conferences are a must.
·         For making the best business and local contacts, your State Organizations are your best bet. All these people are your neighbors, in the same or similar business, and can be your supplier or your customer. Just starting out, this is where you want to go. You can get business advice, regulation knowledge and find support from others that used to be as new as you.
While at these Conferences, take the time to tour the Vendor Booths:
·         You may see something you never thought about, maybe a new improvement, maybe an idea from another industry?
·         See the latest and greatest in equipment
·         Speak with Engine Manufacturers of your equipment and learn how to maintain and check your engines or make them last longer
·         Software vendors are now at all Trade shows- Accounting, Transportation Software, Equipment Software that tracks production and relays all the information to the web for you to see in your office
·         Remote Control manufacturers are making operations more and more simple
·         Improvements on one manufacturer you see that can be added to your machine
It may take you away from your business for a while but what you gain can help you become more profitable, more productive and will give you a little break.

Questions? Dave Whitelaw GrinderGuy

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