Sunday, January 11, 2015

Help Wanted: Hey Grinder Guy, where have all the mechanics gone?

  Like many Construction Companies and Construction Equipment Sales Companies, I am looking for mechanic also!
With the advent of computer controlled engines, diagnosing engine problems have become much easier. But just because someone can operate a computer, doesn't make them a Technician or all the teens and preteens would be mechanics.
  The Diesel engine has been the same since 1892*. What has changed is the controllers. Computers now control everything from the fuel and air, to the emissions at the end. In addition, the equipment is controlled by a separate software.
So what does all that mean?
- The engines are much more technical than just 20 years ago.
- Technicians need much more electronic knowledge than in the past.
- Computer Training is a requirement for engine service these days.
As a result, there are fewer and fewer Service Technicians available.
So what can you do?
- Take advantage of any free trainings available from Equipment Manufacturers. On a typical sale, my company spends 1-5 days for equipment and service training on new and used equipment. A follow up visit usually occurs 2 weeks or a month later with ongoing courtesy visits made when possible.
- Schedule a paid training for specific engines or machinery that are common to your operation or that are difficult to get timely service for.
- Purchase specialty tools and equipment to reduce the need for service calls. This includes engine software. I carried my own Engine Software computer for years just so I could help my customers avoid waiting for a Service Technician to show up. As I recall, the hardware and software was only $1200 to purchase. It is available right from your Equipment Dealer for any customer. It is not the full software version that a Dealer would carry, but it is plenty powerful enough for you to diagnose engine issues and codes and save you many hours of downtime waiting on a service call.
- Purchase a remote monitoring software that gives you and your Dealer or Manufacturer the ability to remotely diagnose equipment issues without having to visit your site.

So are you looking for a service tech job? Or know someone who is? We are a small industry and need to help each other out.

- Experienced Service Technician position available. Travel throughout the US and Canada servicing, installing and operational training of Recycling Equipment. Location: Denver, CO or potentially anywhere in the Continental US. Salary- Negotiable. For more information call me, 813-421-2757.

- Experienced Service Technician position available. Service, installation and operational training of crushing, screening and composting equipment. Travel via a Service Vehicle throughout the State. Location: Florida  Salary- Negotiable. For more information call me, 813-421-2757.

I also have a customer looking for a knowledgable Grinding and Screening Operations Foreman and have an Equipment Sales position available.
Looking for a someone? Need Someone.
Dave Whitelaw

*- Wikipedia

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