Sunday, March 23, 2014

Training can save you thousands

I went to a 3 day training seminar last month with 80 Sales and Service personnel. It was amazing the amount of information that was traded back and forth, not only between service technicians or sales positions, but owner to owner, parts personnel to owner and others. All the different trainings made me question the trainings customers receive or have received when purchasing equipment.
                As a representative of an equipment manufacturer, having a knowledgeable Service Technician is essential. Likewise, a contractor with a trained staff can save thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime when they are properly trained.
                My company requires Dealers to have a trained Service Technician. An available option because of that training is that the Dealer may offer an additional year of warranty on each piece of new equipment at a reduced rate. The customer is required to have standard service intervals performed by the Dealer, but then the customer has two years of paying for only wear parts and fuel. Other manufacturers may offer something similar. Check it out.
                While a standard service may be just changing oils, this allows the trained Service Technicians to review every other component of a specific machine. They are then able to prevent problems before they occur.
·         How long have you owned your Grinder, Screen or other specialty piece of equipment?
·         How many operators do you have on them?
·         Who was actually trained by the Manufacturer or Dealer personnel when it was delivered? Are they still employed by you?
·         Do you have any specifically trained Service Technicians?
Off season is the perfect time for some extended trainings, but you can call any equipment manufacturer to schedule some specific equipment training at any time.
This does three things:
·         Your employees get trained correctly on a specific piece of equipment
·         Your equipment gets looked over in great detail and can possibly save you costly repairs down the road
·         Updates, new attachments or new equipment offerings are discussed which may  offer a new way of increasing production and your bottom line
Utilizing equipment to its fullest potential generates the most revenue, but if you do not have trained people operating it, it can cost you ALL your revenue.
When it comes to purchasing equipment, the price comes down to hours and condition. A good looking machine, regardless of hours, brings a greater return than one that has been abused. A well maintained and good looking machine will generate your best sale or trade value. Having those trained operators and service technicians will bring you top dollar on the backend.  Engines these days can be replaced with fairly simple ease, so if the base of the machines are well maintained, a 5 year grinder life span could potentially double which will certainly increase your bottom line.

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