Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hey Grinder Guy, how do I reduce my C&D Residue?

I am assuming you are trying to reduce your hauling and disposal costs so I will answer accordingly. This also applies to any operation that has to dispose of materials.
The first thing I would do is evaluate the composition of the residue:
·         What is the weight of the residue per yard?
·         What is the majority of material in the residue?
Have you done a composition study?
First questions I would have are:
·         How do you pay to dispose, by weight or by the volume? Most MSW Landfills are by weight and most C&D landfills are volume.
·         Do you have the space to add more equipment to your sorting lines?
·         Do you have the money to add additional equipment?
·         Are you permitted to shred at you location?
·         Do you have an outlet for alternative fuels?
In general, Dirt, Concrete, Steel, cardboard, drywall and wood are easily sorted and recycled. Most of the C&D residue is plastics and small pieces of everything that are not easily sorted. There are plenty of markets for the numbered plastics and paper, but the difficulty sorting them along with the lower returns from being dirt contaminated truly bring in to question the viability of recycling these products.
So what do you do? Dispose? Recycle? How about create fuel?
Here are three test cases I have experienced in the past six months:
1.       C&D Recycler disposing of 1200+ yards per day at a C&D Landfill by yardage. By utilizing a Komptech Crambo Shredder with 4” screens and shredding the residue, we reduce the volume by 60% at a cost saving of $5000 a day. This was just volume reduction. But in addition, by using a cross belt magnet, we recovered even more steel that was missed on the sort line. Currently, we are reprossesing the shredded material to remove the dirt and some emission contaminating  materials and testing the material for alternative fuel. If clean enough, we should be able to produce a 7000 BTU fuel. *One major point- Check your State EPA permit and make sure it allows for shredding on site or further recycling outdoors. If you currently do not process, you will need a permit to do so.
2.       C&D Recycler disposing of 200 ton per day at an MSW Landfill. Current two picking line system screens 10” minus, then both overs and unders are sorted. The 10” minus is screened again at ½” to remove the dirt, for use as fill, then residue is shipped to a Landfill. By utilizing a Komptech Stonefex Stone Separator on the 10” minus residue, we were able to remove 40% of the weight which was rock, stone, concrete, clay tile, ceramic tile, etc. This was sent to a concrete recycler and the overall disposal volume per day was reduced by 80 tons or 40%.
3.       C&D Recycler disposing of 800 yards per day of residue. Utilizing a Crambo Shredder and a Trommel screen we created 300 yards per day of Alternative Fuel. Being paid as much as $20 per ton for the fuel and not disposing of 700 yds at $30 per ton, the dollars saved and generated are almost too much to even count.
Do you need a certain shredder or screen to do all this? Absolutely not. Your current grinder, shredder and screen can be used but some machines are definitely better for some applications than others. There are many different air separator  pieces of equipment on the market, the Stonefex is just what I was using.
Will you see these types of savings? Maybe not, but possibly in one material or another you find a savings or a new outlet. Get out there and figure it out and find a new way.
So know what do you do?
·         Evaluate your waste composition
·         Decide if you should recycle more materials
·         Find additional recycled materials markets
·         Find an Alternative Fuels user
·         Demonstrate some useful equipment
·         Create Alternative Fuel
·         Call the Grinder Guy for help

Believe it or not, construction is on the rise. C&D materials are starting to increase. Get started changing your operations and start saving.
Questions on Alternative Fuel Production?

Dave Whitelaw The Grinder Guy

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