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Hey Grinder Guy, are there any new equipment improvements in the Industry I should look at?

WHEN Magazine Article February 2013

Hey Grinder Guy, are there any new equipment improvements in the Industry I should look at?

Good question. We are all busy and trying to keep up with all the new designs and options for each piece of equipment is a daunting task. But maybe a new improvement that is insignificant to one may be a major cost savings for another. Throughout the year I am going to try and do a better job of posting useful and significant improvements on my blog by weeding through all the press releases I receive. It seems the move toward more efficient electric machines continues and fuel usage per unit has become the major cost factor for everyone.
In Oct at the WHEN Recycling Expo in Henrietta, NY, several grinder manufacturers were present. I spent a few minutes with Scott Harrington of Rotochopper discussing the new Rotochopper EC-366. It is Rotochopper’s 3rd Generation Electric Horizontal grinder that has a dual purpose of wood and shingles and improves upon their “perfect in one pass” design. After 15 years of electric Grinder experience, updates in wear liners, the conveyor system, in service and maintenance have reduced operating costs even further. For more information on the new EC-366, visit .
The Komptech line of screeners and recycling equipment has increased its Hybrid power offerings to four product lines. The Trommel screen and the Multistar screen lines are 2 of the product lines with available hybrid power. The on board generators use 1.5-2 gallons of fuel per hour while screening up to 600 yards per hour. They also come with an optional ground power plug so there is no need to run the generator for sites with available electric power. For more information visit or call 720-890-9090.
Recently, Colorbiotics introduced the Global Equipment Monitoring (GEM) System. The GEM system, developed for use with Colorbiotics Sahara X Series coloring equipment, is a fully customizable computer program that allows operators to automatically meter, monitor and verify colorant and water output; elevating the world’s most advanced coloring system to unparalleled levels of efficiency. The GEM system allows a single operator effortless control and monitoring capabilities of either one or several Sahara coloring units from one convenient portal. So an Owner or Manager can view their operation in real time from their Office Chair and make necessary adjustments. For more information about Colorbiotics, Sahara X colorant equipment and GEM quality control monitoring system, contact Colorbiotics at 888-663-6980.
In 2012, Amerimulch® introduced the Marksman™ Volume Measuring System. The Marksman is available in two models; Platinum and Gold. The Marksman Gold model constantly measures fluctuating production rates, then calculates and displays the corresponding colorant and water application rates per yard and can be used on any color unit. The Marksman Platinum model only works in conjunction with the Amerimulch ColorTrom® has all the features of the Marksman Gold model but also automatically adjusts color and water rates. Both units offer viewing from PC, Smartphones or tablets. The operator does not need to make constant adjustments any longer, the Marksman System does it for them, automatically. How cool is that? For more information on Amerimulch and the Marksman Volume Measuring System, call 888-556-3304 or .
Morbark has designed a new grinder wear tip that provides a denser end product that renders 2-3 additional tons per load by cutting instead of grabbing the material. The new Razorback Insert can efficiently chop and break down palm waste, reduce wrapping, and increasing run time efficiency.  The Razorback works best in medium-contaminated materials and are recommended for use in primary grind and regrind of oak, cottonwood, palm and green waste. The inserts provided an average wear life of 40 hours per side and are easily installed, with no special bolts required and can also be removed for sharpening. Visit or call Morbark Sales @ 800-831-0042.

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