Monday, October 29, 2012

Optimism….Where is the Optimism?

            While researching for Octomers WHEN Magazine article, I was struck by the responses I received and the utter lack of optimism in this industry’s business community.
 Would you could you if you could? Would you could you if you should?
Dr. Seuss asked the questions, and so am I. Where is the optimism? There is no excitement. There are no lofty projections.
“We are trying to get by.” “We are holding our own.”“ We are trying to maintain.”
These are the answers I am receiving out in the business community.
If the Democrat Guy gets reelected, does that mean we are going to fold up and walk away?
There is no doubt the vast majority of business owners are Republicans. At least in this business they are. A Republican elected would certainly change the attitude of these owners, but we are still in the same ballgame, just another pitcher. We still have the same debt, the same 2 Party system, the same Congress.
What’s the basic problem?
There are no free rides. Somewhere this has gotten lost. The children are not taught that hard works pays off and gets you anywhere you want to go if you work for it.
What is going to create optimism for everyone? Create a sense that we are going in the right direction? We better figure it out soon, while we still have a chance.

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