Friday, January 6, 2012

Mulch and Soil Council Celebrates 40 years

Original Post December 4, 2011
The 40th annual Mulch and Soil Council meeting was held Oct 26 and 27, 2011 in Chicago, IL.
Executive Director Bob LaGasse said nearly 100 companies were represented which accounts for the majority of bagged materials sold in the US annually.
The organization is used to promote the business interests of its Member Companies
This year’s program included legal regulation, weights and measures, package labeling and  Obamacare amongst many others.
This is a strong organization of members says Brian Faircloth ,of Suwannee Lumber Company, Cross City, FL, in his last year as President of the Organization, and one of the main purposes is networking with other members and sharing experiences both legal and operational with other members.
If you are a mulch or soil producer, you have probably benefitted from the lobbying, governmental and legal efforts of this organization regarding all sorts of rules and regulations.
Consider becoming a member and creating an even stronger Industry Organization.

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