Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey Grinder Guy, how can I save money on wear parts?

All wear parts are different, but most everyone uses some sort of replaceable tip that is impregnated with tungsten carbide chips for longer wear life.
Tungsten Carbide, or Carbide as it is commonly called, is a combination of Tungsten and Carbon*. Tungsten, a mined natural element, is in limited supply on this Earth and the supply is decreasing rapidly as its use on new and old wear applications is increasing.  There are currently no manmade substances that provide the same wear resistance for a comparable price. Therefore the price of tungsten carbide is sky rocketing, which is directly affecting the cost of your wear parts. You have probably already noticed the increase in price this past year.
A Carbide impregnated surface (or coating) provides a greater wear resistance than the base steel that the wear parts are made of, but carbide is more brittle, and will break off or chip off wear part surfaces when it impacts solid objects like rock or steel.
Limiting the number of edges or surfaces the carbide is placed on can reduce your costs.
What to do:
1.       Review your old tips that have already been replaced
2.       Which surfaces are wearing and which are not using YOUR grinder on YOUR material?
3.       Why pay for carbide that you are throwing away?
4.       Only pay for what you are using and it is possible to save $5 per tip.
5.       Your supplier should offer you choices, otherwise, find another supplier.
In the video above, look at the bead of carbide that is along each side of this tip. It has hardly been touched while the entire top of the tip is missing. This side bead is a complete waste of money for this tip on this grinder and in this material.
Need help figuring out what to do?
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